Protecting your company’s intellectual property and person related data against cyber attacks as well as ensuring business continuity in case of sabotage actions are mission critical tasks for every company:
01. Identify your „crown jewels“ and adequately protect these data
02. Harden the configuration of computers (front and back end)
03. Patch your IT systems continuously and promptly
04. Segment your networks
05. Encrypt your servers, connections and emails
06. Reduce number of Admin Accounts to the necessary minimum
07. Only employ handpicked, security checked Admin personnel
08. Perform Application Directory Whitelisting
09. Apply central logging continuously over at least 3 months and analyze it
10. Set up an effective Business Continuity Management for your mission critical company processes

Important note: Information Security is not only a cost factor! Information Security technologies, such as PKI, can be leveraged for digitalization of your business processes and increasing productivity of your staff. Consider that availability, integrity and confidentiality of your company information is a fundamental prerequisite for doing business.

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