There are numerous studies and theories on good management and leadership. Besides behavioral skills, like inspiration, communication, support, etc. I made the personal experience that there is at least one fundamental difference between a good and a bad manager and this has to do with attitude.

The biggest difference between a good and a bad manager from my point of view is the following:

  • A good manager leads his team in a way, that the staff members are able to run the show without him – at least mid term. He continuously and systematically develops the expertise and personality of his staff members e.g. by delegating, educating, challenging and encouraging – with the ultimate goal to make himself obsolete.
  • A bad manager puts himself into the center of his team and all mission critical team actions. Everything depends on him and his decisions, he talks most of the time instead of listening and he lectures his staff members instead of discussing issues. He doesn’t want his staff members to act independently from him and when he leaves the whole team performance breaks down like a house of cards.

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