Today, I was involved in a discussion about the question, to what extent intelligent robots may be able in the future to replace human workers or act as humanoid companions (with or without „emotions“). The results of a 60 minutes internet research brought up stunning examples of what state of the art humanoid robots nowadays are already capable of doing. Have fun watching these really amazing videos:

  1. Recognize&Translate human voices:
  2. Human „look&feel“:
  3. Learn&Improve (amazing!!):
  4. Support you in household routine tasks:
  5. Give interviews:
  6. Act in stage plays:
  7. Have meaningful conversations:
  8. Drive motorcycles:
  9. Ride bicycles:
  10. Solve Rubik’s Cube in record time:
  11. Play Chess against Master Champions:
  12. Play Table Tennis:
  13. Play basketball:
  14. Play bowling:
  15. Carry out dirty/heavy work in factories:
  16. Remote teleoperation and telepresence:
  17. Work at hotel front desk:
  18. Serve as a guard:
  19. Perform medical examinations:
  20. Serve as assistant nurse:
  21. Perform medicals surgery:
  22. Carry out self-driving food delivery:
  23. Substitute companions:
  24. Cook:
  25. Dance:
  26. Paint art pictures:
  27. Walk&Run:
  28. Play football/soccer:
  29. Fight&Kill:
  30. Shoot guns:
  31. Perform gladiator games:
  32. Substitute pets:
  33. Jogging and jumping:
  34. Do backflips (this is my personal favorite):
  35. Perform aerial acrobatics (stunning!):
  36. Fly in swarms:–1hOm1s
  37. … and many other tasks:
  38. … including participation in fake videos:

A lot of humanoid capabilities have obviously already been developed. Imagine the outcome, if you combine the capabilities illustrated in the videos above in one high sophisticated android enhanced by the rapidly emerging potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Citation from my blog „The socio-economic consequences of digitalization“ published on March 17, 2017 (see: „Analog to the logistics, (intelligent) robots will take over as well in other socio-economic areas step by step hard, awkward or labor intensive tasks from human beings – at a certain point of time as well in fields of activity, which require interpersonal interactions between human beings, such as in medical and health care or geriatric care. One of the most important consequences with hardly foreseeable impact could be the sneaky cannibalization of human couple relationships by intelligent robots. To formulate it provocative: Who still wants to perform stressful „relationship work“ with his/her human partner, if „Robot Redford“ and „Julia Robots“ (I apologize for this wordplay) are always available in their best shape only having the well-being of their master in their digital mind? Who already gets horrified by this imagination, should make him-/herself aware, that this kind of developments could potentially have as well positive impact, e.g. with regard to the suppression of (enforced) prostitution, human trafficking or wage dumping.“

Please, feel free to add further examples in the comments.

P.S.: Source of photo:

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